Magique Youthful Radiance
Your Winning Glow from the Miracle of Nature

Restore collagen and rejuvenate your skin to give you the ideal younger, smoother and healthy glowing skin.

For the very first time Swiss scientists from Mibelle Biochemistry have unlocked the red snow algae’s secret for overcoming nature. They have found a way to take the miraculous self-rejuvenating mechanism of these primitive plants, which is coated with liposomes to repair and restore collagen, and transform it into an amazing new anti-aging ingredient for Magique Youthful Radiance product line. They have also developed ‘Caloric Restriction Mimetic Activity’ imitating the mechanisms of red snow algae and apply this innovative anti-aging strategy to Magique Youthful Radiance line to help strengthen cellular defense mechanisms through ‘Caloric Restriction Mimetic Activity’. After continuing usage for 2 weeks, 70% of the users will have a brighten healthy radiant glow*

Magique Youthful Radiance will be your solution for wrinkled, dull skin or dark spots. It will restores collagen and gently removing wrinkles and evening skin tone, leaving your face looking clear, radiant and years younger.

*These products were all C.L.B.T. tested on 20 female volunteers between the ages of 30 and 40 from March 2-30, 2016, by Spin Control Asia. Tests showed that after regular use, results depended on individual skin types and skin conditions.