Creme enhances radiance dramatically and help brighten your skin and hyperpigmentation, perfect for those with uneven skin tone.

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From the Noble Prize winning discovery to a scientific breakthrough in whitening skincare technology

Noble White Total Brightening Creme contains Fullerene C60, the exclusive patented Noble Prize winning technology, which is a superior radical scavenger with antioxidation effect, working to reduce free radicals and to inhibit UVA-induced melanin formation. The super antioxidant activity of Fullerene C60 holds 172 times stronger than that if vitamin C, known for skin whitening effects.

As Fullerene C60 is composed of 60 carbon atoms with the shape like a soccer ball of 32 surfaces, that each attracts and neutralizes free radicals. The electrons in Fullerene C60 are also delocalized and spreading over the molecule periphery like formation of clouds, demonstrating antioxidative potency when reacting with free radicals and active oxygen.

Noble White Total Brightening Creme also endorses other advanced technologies known to whitening skincare science:

  • Luminescine is a patent-pending phyto-complex of yellow flower species Great Mullein (Verbascum Thapsus) that improves skin radiance from the transformation of UV rays into a source of visible light (blue, red and green). It also protects skin from harmful high energy UV radiation, making skin more radiant and young-looking.
  • Liposhield is a novel, patent-pending ingredient. It is capable of mimicking laser treatment by letting in useful application of visible red and green light, with the benefit of preventing premature aging and avoiding hyperpigmentation from the damage caused by high energy visible (HEV) blue light.
  • Oilgopeptide-68is a complex composition of 12 amino acids that decrease proteins in pigmentation process and melanin synthesis such as TRP-1, TRP-2 and tyrosinase. The molecule is biomimetic liposomic time-release delivery that imitates the structure and composition of skin. Therefore, it lightens overall skin tone and reduce hyperpigmentation, resulting an optimal whitening effect.
  • White Strawberry is known for its rare and complex crop to cultivate from Japan. Its extract is packed with superior whitening capacity which can be enhanced further by the blend of whiten agents.
  • Peeling white blossomis the AHA derivatives from white lily, freesia, gardenia and hibiscus that help to remove dead skin cells.
  • Ascorbyl Glucosideis a highly effective ingredient that decreases the process of melanin production and melanin synthesis from tyrosinase. It also transforms oxidized melanin (dark spots) into reduced melanin (lighter spots). Moreover. It can protect skin from free radicals that cause the accumulation of Lipofuscin (uneven-toned skin).


Magique Noble White Total Brightening Creme enhances radiance dramatically and drastically diminishes the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation, perfect for those with uneven skin tone. Flawlessly, this award-winning brightening technology not only minimizes the appearance of existing sun damage, but also prevents future discoloration for brighter and brilliant glows – leading to the ultimate luminous looking skin.

How to use

Apply to face morning and evening after cleansing and balancing skin.

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