Facial cleanser that can gently removes make-up.


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Snow Algae Extract

An innovation to reveal luminous skin and key to rejuvenation comes with excellence in skin health care guaranteed by worldwide recognized award.

Benefits of snow algae extract from the Alps, Switzerland

Prevent wrinkles.

Soybean Seed Extract

Soybean Extract from Germany.

It is composed of Protein, Glycoprotein and Polysaccharides for skin in need of special care to prevent skin aging especially UV-induced premature skin aging. Moreover, it will boost skin smoothness and suppleness.

Moringa Extract

Extract from African plant.

It helps protect skin from pollution, major cause of premature skin aging. Moringa Extract used in Magique products is extracted by special process. Mild Extraction from Moringa Seeds is free from chemical solvent.

Yuzu Extract

Extract from Japanese yuzu, Shikoku Island, best-quality yuzu producer.

It is composed of type 2 and 5 Ceramide which is similar to skin to fill Ceramide and boost Hyaluronic Acid in skin to lock moisture so that the skin is hydrated, supple and healthy.


This specially selected natural innovation in a form of facial cleanser gently removes make-up. The cleanser is produced by Micellar Technology, innovation for skin cleansing that prevents inappropriate skin cleansing.

  • Specially designed in light-texture gel.
  • No cotton pad is needed.
  • Washable and does not leave grease and over-dryness after use.
  • Revealing clean, young and naturally glowing skin.
  • Rich with natural nutrients.
  • Rehydrating and rejuvenating skin.

How to use

Squeeze appropriate amount of gel on palm and apply on dry surface of facial skin. Gently massage to remove make-up and cleanse with clean water.

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