Non-greasy concentrated night cream that works wonder fading wrinkles and rejuvenating your skin during your beauty sleep.


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Snow Algae

Snow algae from the Alps, Switzerland is known to resist extreme, ever-changing climate and below-freezing temperature. While other plants cannot survive, the snow algae become dormant and generate red pigments to protect its cells from UVs. So they are reddish on snow. With this self-revitalizing mechanism, this anti-aging innovation won ‘Innovation Prize 2014’ in Best Ingredient Award from in-cosmetics® 2014, in Europe and held patent for ‘Use of an extract from snow algae in cosmetic or dermatological formulations’ (US 8,206,721 B2).

RoyalEpigen P5

Peptides of queen bee’s formation, Royalacin is one of the main components in queen milk. Normally, queen bees and honey bees have the exactly same DNA, but merely some of their appearances and behaviour are distinguishable. For instance, queen bee has 10 times larger size of body than a honey bee. And, a queen bee also have a vital role to release chemical substance called Queen Pheromone for controlling the performance of every honey bee and making their beehive tidy.

In 2011, one Japanese scientist has discovered that gene expression of bee comes from their consumption of bee milk. As one component in the bee milk, or Royalcatin, has a special function to influence bees’ gene expression by not changing their DNA. It is also the factor that indicates whether a bee will grow to be a queen bee or a honey bee. This process is called ‘Epigenetic Change’.

RoyalEpigen P5, after passed through the process of Encapsulation, will help boosting its permeability through skin, control the release of important substances into the skin and prevents the deterioration of protein for maximizing the effect of skin care.

Red Ginseng

Korean Ginseng root is enriched with 29 essential kinds of Ginsenoside. It is extracted in the form of Plant Peptide, which can be used for the skin care with a great result. Ginsenoside has a property of Antioxidant, protecting the skin from free radicals which is the cause of premature aging. Another benefit of the substance is also turning the tired skin into return to bright, vivid skin. This makes Ginseng became known as ‘Herbal Panacea’.

Artichoke Extract

is a miracle from natural extracts with features of tightening pores, protecting skin from blockage of dirt and reducing excess sebum on the face skin. This will make the skin to be more smooth. Artichoke is rich in Cynaropicrin, which can refine pore, improve skin texture and make skin radiant naturally.


The remarkable benefit of Magique Youthful Radiance Detoxifying Instant Glow is nourishing and moisturising you skin, and diminishing fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes for a smooth, youthful appearance. It will give you the feeling of freshness and skin reborn. Pores will be naturally smooth, and you will be able to show your naturally beautiful, luminous, soft skin. This is the origin of beauty’s definition in the version of, “Good looking even in a rush hour”.

How to use

After removing your make up and cleaning, apply the product on your damp face. Leave it for 10-15 minutes until the mask it dry. Use warm water to pat your face for detoxing skin by drawing out dirt and other impurities. After that, rinse with clean water thoroughly. Then you can apply skin care on your face as normal. Use it 2-3 times a week.

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