Treating your skin with refined and delicately dense textures, sensing the aroma of Bulgarian rose water and well-defined lavender oil and powerful natural ingredients that blend in harmony to enhance your complexion in 3 areas: firstly, as an Anti-aging agent which derives from red maple bark extract for visible young and firm appearances; secondly, as Moisturizing property from natural solution of cacay oil of the Amazon rainforest which rejuvenates dry and tired skin to smooth with utmost vitality; thirdly, Brightening process from the daisy flower extract for more natural bright, radiant tone

Red Maple Bark Extract

Red maple bark extract of the Boreal Forest, the most bio-diversified and well-protected woodlands in Quebec around the northern hemisphere of Canadian temperate ecosystem, the bark has been evolved into scaly thick structure as the crucial strategy to survive in the most inhospitable environments.
The restorative serum has been harnessed by the use of environmental-friendly technologies to your palms, to provide a rich source of antioxidants for combating wrinkles to delay signs of aging and encourage youthful appearance. The advanced properties contain high level of vitamin C and polyphenol with 35% higher performance than other ingredients. This diversified extraction also ensures with a vulgarity of efficient supplies of gallic acid, flavonoids and tannins – all of which are beneficial for your skin.

The finest daisy flowers

that have been cultivated from Germanic areas, reserved for organic growth. Free from harmful effects of chemicals and pesticides, the processes of extraction are of great significance for the best quality of essential oil, highly saturated with property that promotes even-tone complexion, leaves your skin with natural glow and radiance – guarding against an excess production of melanin, the root of uneven skin tone.
The organic daisy flower extract is proven not only to restore and retain the glow and radiance, but also perform better than alpha arbutin, even with non-strict continuous application.

Kahai Oil

also known as cacay Oil of the Amazon rainforest, is cold-pressed and packed with moisturizing properties used to nourish and soften the skin with quick and light absorption without leaving any trace of grease. The oil has 3 times more retinol than rose hip oil and 50% more vitamin E, known to provide the antioxidant properties for youthful appearance. It also contains more linoleic acid (vitamin F) than argan oil, the nourishment substance that revives dullness to smoother and livelier than before.


  • Dry unreserved skin becomes hydrated with utmost vitality
  • Skin turns smoother with visible even-tone complexion
  • Wrinkles fade away for your youthful-looking appearance
  • Softer complexion gives boost to your natural glow


Fondling the cream with your fingertips to stimulate the warmth and to release the relaxing aroma before applying Magique Herblisse The Radiance Cream over your face and neck, morning and night. For maximum results, the Radiance Cream can be complimented harmoniously with Magique Herblisse The Renewal Serum.

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