Our Best Serum that helps minimizing deep wrinkles with maximum effectiveness. It energizes your skin with maximum effectiveness so that wrinkles and lines visibly fade.

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Magique Gravitas Deep Wrinkle and Lifting Activator is our best serum, minimizing wrinkles with maximum effectiveness. This is the serum for powerful wrinkle lifting. It energises your skin with maximum effectiveness so that wrinkles and flabby lines fade.

Feel the new experience of an intensive formula serum with light texture that is filled with effective nutrients for skin. It is designed to fill deep wrinkle lines and take care of facial skin so it seems firm through the latest technology of PhytoCellTec Nunatak, the miracle of innovation from plants that live in glaciers of the Alps in Switzerland, together with Adipofill’in, which is full of effectiveness to DECREASE wrinkle and deep facial lines to look smooth Moreover, a special ingredient from sea starfish of the deep ocean especially extracted using high level of technology which is combined with a nutrient guaranteed by the Best Ingredient Award from the In-Cosmetic Europe, it is a special starfish v–activating complex™ that sends the extract directly to revive the skin with maximum effectiveness. With the use of Polylift, it helps to TREAT the facial to look beautiful with dimensions and better firmness providing readiness for revealing the beautiful and naturally looking facial shape.

starfish v-activating complexTM

New Innovation for Skin Care, from Miracle of Nature to the New Beginning

Star sea or “starfish” an invertebrate marine animal with a fivepoint body shape similar to a star called “arm”. In the middle, it looks like a round plate. On the back, there are small limestone buds scattered across the body. The mouth is amid the lower part of the body. When a starfish is hunted, it shakes off one arm to trick the enemy. The lost arm is able to regenerate itself. The remains of the lost arm will miraculously grow to become a new starfish. Therefore, starfish are like “stem cells”. Also, starfish are animals with high vital force. Their tissues contain protein and collagen up to 50%. When injured, a starfish is able to generate a new cell to replace the old one without leaving any marks and its shape remains intact.

Sea Star Serum

Due to a valuable extract from starfish, “Sea Star Serum” is processed through a high level of technology from the deep sea. This provide a nourish substance with high purity but the effectiveness of the substance remains replete. It helps to take care of fading wrinkles together with improving skin flexibility. It makes the skin feel firmer and smoother. It also provides dry skin with moisture returning its tenderness, glow of happiness, healthy look as well as revealing smooth skin that looks naturally youthful.

This product provides effectiveness of clearly reducing wrinkles if used continuously for 28 days.


filler like effect for fulfill deep wrinkle skin

The best of innovation that takes care of skin with wrinkles, which works similar to injecting fat fillers. This is a technology of transporting an important substance from France. Adipofill’in is an amino acid. It is derived from plants through biotechnology, which does not use any dangerous chemical substances, and it is contained in Ionosome* in order to always restore the effectiveness of the important substances in a fresh state. It also helps to send the important substances to better absorb into the skin. *Ionosome is a transport system to send important substances, which have gone through molecule development by coating polysaccharide on the outer of the phospholipid bilayer allowing the phospholipid layer of the Ionosome to be strong and more durable against varying environments. This results in the important substances being with maximum effectiveness until it touches the skin. In addition, it helps to send the important substances to better absorb into the skin.

Three keys actions to effectiveness

  • Help to create accumulate fat around the facial area. This fills up wrinkle lines and results in the skin looking smoother.
  • Help the skin structure to feel tighter and firmer
  • Help to accumulate excess fat around the facial area so that there is no collapsing of the skin structure


The miracle of the original cell from the glaciers of the Alps, Switzerland

The Ice Age Story: from the beauty during the Ice Age to skin care for youthfulness

Approximately 110,000 to 10,000 years ago, during the Pleistocence period when glaciers covered vast areas across the globe, the Alps was also covered with ice and glaciers. This included the plateau in the west of Switzerland where it was covered with thick glaciers of hundreds metres in length. This hugely impacted living things, with most becoming extinct. However, there were some plants that were able to survive under these harsh climatic conditions. The area where there was no ice coverage on the top of the Alps was called Nunatak. A species of plants with varying special genetic abilities were able to adapt themselves for survival under these harsh conditions were Saponaria Pumila. It was a flower of the Caryophyllaceae family. It grew on the Alps at more than 2,700 metres above sea level. It also originated the Nunatak species, which was able to develop a special mechanism, which was quick to adapt itself to match the varying condition.

PhytoCellTecTM Nunatak

This is the miracle of the original cell from the glaciers of the Alps, Switzerland. Through the innovation of PhytoCellTecTM, guaranteed by the Innovation Prize 2008 from Europe, it directly nourishes skin at specific areas for the skin with problems to return to being youthful, feeling firm, and being naturally smoother. It also protects the skin from the problem of deep wrinkle lines. PhytoCellTecTM is a technology that uses the quality of development to being every part of the original cell. This quality is capable of changing an ordinary plant cell to return to being an original plant cell that is ready to revive damaged areas of plants.

Production steps of PhytoCellTecTM Nunatak

  • Cause an injury to Saponaria petals. This leads to producing callus (cells that congregate together in which they are yet to undergo development change to become various types of tissues)
  • Bring callus to sow in culture media. The important substances that are separated from the cells contain both water soluble and lipid soluble substances. These substances will then be coated in lipsome. Use isomalts to spray it dry

This product provides the quality of being anti-wrinkle. It also helps to moisturise the skin, and allows the skin to feel firmer and more flexible.


New generation of natural tensors

An innovation from sweet almond extract in a form of Biopolymer, it is a thin film, which helps to make the facial skin smoother and firmer in which you can notice it yourself. Also, it provides smoother skin and that wrinkles seem faded.

How to use

Using the applicator, apply a small amount directly onto the targeted areas with upward lifting motions. Use day and night after GRAVITAS DEEP WRINKLE AND FIRMING FACIAL TREATMENT.


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