Nourishment cream that fade wrinkles and returns a firm V-Shape facial structure to you through an exclusive ingredient, starfish v–activating complex™

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Magique Gravitas Deep Wrinkle and Firming Facial Treatment is nourishment cream that returns a firm facial structure to you through an exclusive ingredient, starfish v–activating complex™ , a special ingredient from sea starfish of the deep ocean especially extracted using high level of technology which is combined with a nutrient guaranteed by the Best Ingredient Award from the In-Cosmetic Europe. Lakesis is a miracle of natural crystals from Pistacia Lentiscus from Chios Island, Greece that helps facial skin to look fit, firm, and tenderly touchable. Combined with Super V Lift, which contains the best of delicately collected substances, it takes care of collagen fibres providing fit and firm skin and protects the skin from the problem of sagginess. Carnitine effectively takes care of the skin with the problem of saggy cheek and dropping chin. All this is the result that your skin can experience, your facial structure will look small, slender, and firm just like a “V-Shape”.

starfish v-activating complexTM

New Innovation for Skin Care, from Miracle of Nature to the New Beginning

Star sea or “starfish” an invertebrate marine animal with a fivepoint body shape similar to a star called “arm”. In the middle, it looks like a round plate. On the back, there are small limestone buds scattered across the body. The mouth is amid the lower part of the body. When a starfish is hunted, it shakes off one arm to trick the enemy. The lost arm is able to regenerate itself. The remains of the lost arm will miraculously grow to become a new starfish. Therefore, starfish are like “stem cells”. Also, starfish are animals with high vital force. Their tissues contain protein and collagen up to 50%. When injured, a starfish is able to generate a new cell to replace the old one without leaving any marks and its shape remains intact.

Sea Star Serum

Due to a valuable extract from starfish, “Sea Star Serum” is processed through a high level of technology from the deep sea. This provide a nourish substance with high purity but the effectiveness of the substance remains replete. It helps to take care of fading wrinkles together with improving skin flexibility. It makes the skin feel firmer and smoother. It also provides dry skin with moisture returning its tenderness, glow of happiness, healthy look as well as revealing smooth skin that looks naturally youthful.

This product provides effectiveness of clearly reducing wrinkles if used continuously for 28 days.

Super V lift

The innovative ingredient for V-shape

Super V Lift

Combining powers of 3 important substance including collagen, trylagen, and cyclopeptide together, it provides an effective system of fulfilling a net structure of collagen, which combines peptide to stick onto the skin in order to protect collagen on top of controlling the net structure to arrange itself in order enabling it to work in its maximum effectiveness. All these are perfect steps of providing a fine and firm facial shape just like the v-shape.


Carnitine is an amino acid that is synthesised in human body. Its main function is to transport small fat molecules into cells so that the fat molecules can be transformed into power. It also supports fat burning. Therefore, carnitine is often added in skin nourishment products to support firmness of the skin structure, and to eradicate problems of dropping cheeks and chin due to excess fat.


The miracles of nature from Greece, a valuable beauty queen crystal, reveal firm facial skin just like a v-shape. This is for youthful looking and firm skin.

“Lakesis” is quality extracted from a Crystal Drop, which is resin from Pistacia Lentiscus, a local tree of Chios Island, Greece. When the resin drops down and after it solidifies, it turns into a clear crystal that looks like a drop of water. Therefore, it is generally referred to “crystal tear”. Its quality is supporting youth protein, taking care of collagen in the skin, and naturally improving firmness of the skin. The results are that saggy skin becomes firm and wrinkles are faded. It also provides effectiveness in helping your facial shape to be firm within 28 days making the skin around your cheeks and chin to look firmer.

How to use

Apply day and night after cleansing with upward lifting motions.


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