Magique Herblisse The new innovation for anti-aging solution superbly light texture and provide instant lift from the very first use by combination of effective organic ingredients more than 90% with the component of Canadian red maple bark extract for fine balance of plumping and hydrating benefits with great anti-oxidant for all skin solution

Natural extract from nature

Red Maple Bark Extract
Red maple bark extract of the Boreal Forest, The restorative serum has been harnessed by the use of environmental-friendly technologies to your palms, to provide a rich source of antioxidants for combating wrinkles to delay signs of aging and encourage youthful appearance. The advanced properties contain high level of vitamin C and polyphenol with 35% higher performance than other ingredients. This diversified extraction also ensures with a vulgarity of efficient supplies of gallic acid, flavonoids and tannins – all of which are beneficial for your skin


    Serum, highly concentrated treatment, superbly light in texture with non-oily consistency, packed with scents of Bulgarian rose and uplifting freshness of lavender essential oils – nourishing your skin with powerful natural ingredients. As an anti-aging blend, it is proven the return of youthful appearance and the reduction of signs of aging. With the component of red maple bark extract for fine balance of plumping and hydrating benefits, combined both with the distillation of nutritious riches of deep-sea bacillus protozoan and the enriched extract of chicory tree for instant vitality, glowing aura as well as the reduction of deep lines for smoother complexion on your skin

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    Treating your skin with refined and delicately dense textures, sensing the aroma of Bulgarian rose water and well-defined lavender oil and powerful natural ingredients that blend in harmony to enhance your complexion in 3 areas: firstly, as an Anti-aging agent which derives from red maple bark extract for visible young and firm appearances; secondly, as Moisturizing property from natural solution of cacay oil of the Amazon rainforest which rejuvenates dry and tired skin to smooth with utmost vitality; thirdly, Brightening process from the daisy flower extract for more natural bright, radiant tone

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Step by step trough treatment with magique Herblisse serum &​cream

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